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I want to keep this site safe for adolescents. Please get the adult dares only if you are old .

With the group that is right, you will need some sexy Truth or Dare questions to make things hot!

Get some amazing ideas here to use right away ! Let’s get started with the good items…

  1. A lot of hot girls doing a fashion show pose
  2. What was the most sexy outfit you wore? Did you wear it?
  3. From all the male players present, who would you believe is the most well-endowed?
  4. This is one of those uncomfortable truth or dare questions where
  5. any answer can lead to really embarrassing situations (think about daring someone to prove it!)
  6. Visualize your lover has been transformed into an animal. To turn him back you must have sex with him. What creature would you pick him to be?
    (This one is actually evil…)
  7. When did you last change your underwear?
  8. Was there any teacher who you believed was not cold? Which one? Why..?
  9. When was the very first time you viewed an associate of the opposite gender nude?
  10. When was the very first time you touched someone’s nude body?
  11. Family doesn’t count.
  12. Picture you had to alter the size or dimensions of any one body part. Which part would you change and what size would it become?
  13. This question may lead to some astonishing insecurities of some players and heated discussions about dieting, what looks great!
  14. Blond girl sticks out her tongue and fakes to hang herself
  15. Don’t risk your neck with those mature “Truth” questions!

If you were queer –

What exactly is the one special technique you enjoy most been given to? Which one sense would you want to feel from your own lover?
Depending on who’s playing, e.g. only a couple, the next dares could become quite popular…

Again, you might receive some surprising answers. And probably some old platitudes verified…

From all the nicknames you ever had, which one was the most embarrassing one?

  1. What was your most intimate moment that is difficult?

Here, it becomes clear that picking only “Truth” is certainly not the simplest solution to not be obstructed!

  1. What’s the least important quality to you personally in a potential partner?
  2. What was the dumbest dare you did?
  3. What was the last bit of erotic literature/magazine you looked at?
  4. Keys that are closet are the best targets for Truth questions that are good and mature. Let them reveal the dirty magazine to everyone for added pleasure!
  5. What physical trait would you find hot?
  6. What’s the most embarrassing thing you did when you’re intoxicated?
  7. Where was the most public place you ever got intimate with someone?
  8. Share your hottest challenge
  9. Do not forget to mix up your adult Truth or Dare “Truth”

Questions with some naughty and hot dares, also!

When you submit your dare ideas, please keep the language “PG13”. When you leave things to the imagination, the naughtiness of your challenge cans easily increase!

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