Whats up guys back to SR Watson Author. Today I’m pretty busy the next two days. Here I’m really busy i’m going to like a Calgary flames game with a buddy, but I can’t leave you guys drunk. I can’t leave you guys without a Post right ?

Guys I decided to do a would you rather. So I pulled up this thing on BuzzFeed, it’s called Would You Rather Questions That Are Impossible To Answer.

Let’s answer some questions..

Would you rather smell like poop and not know it or constantly be smelly poop that nobody else can smell?

I’m gonna have to say, I don’t know their smell like poop that nobody else can smell. Because people will be giving me dirty looks and tell me that’s what like shit. So I’d rather myself just smell it rather than everyone else smell it.


would you rather eat only roadkill for the rest of your life or have everyone else in the world sound like Gilbert got fried?

All right you know the roadkill with us your life or everybody sound like that guy. Oh no no no no well to be honest, I hardly even go outside I hardly even speak to people. So I think I’d rather everyone just sound like him. I’m gonna have to go with that because I eating dead squirrels getting rabbits dead coyotes dead deer off the side of the road.


would you rather have taste buds on your bubble?

what does that mean you ever eat with your butt?  I’m so confused or to poop through your mouth, some of the stuff I eat man. It is like poop through your mouth i’m gonna have to say taste buds on my butt mmhmm… Yeah i can still eat with my mouth.


would you rather always have to say everything on your body or never be able to speak again?

How is this impossible? This is the easiest question I’ve ever been asked. Easily rather speak everything on my mind. Dude, I already do that I’m like straight savagely. I don’t care what people think. Oh right yeah idea it’s why I have no friends already cares. Okay I’ll speak everything on my mind.

Would you rather be itchy for the rest your life like a dog or be sticky for the rest?

O oh me sticky for the rest of your life. Oh god I hate being sticky. I shower every single day because I cannot go to bed feeling sticky or anything like that. Because like that some of your itchy all the time in public.


would you rather eat a bowl of vomits or Lake a hobos fun?

Like homeless but, I am NOT ohh.


Would you rather go through life with a prep two layers or whatever?

Yeah go through life with a cold sir on your mouth or go through life with a booger hanging from you. No, I’d rather go through life with a cold sore because then people can’t see it. If you don’t like somebody then you can just kiss them and then you gave them herpes and you can go to bed happy at night. I’m kidding.


Would you rather watch your parents have sex every day for the rest of your life or join in once?

This doing it wants to stop it. To be honest I’ve never had a dad in my life. So I don’t have like a mom and dad together. So I’d rather watch them upset because it doesn’t happen.


Would you rather smell like eggs when you burn or have a green cloud appear?

When you it was this animation witnesses cartoons I’d rather smell like eggs when I burped. Because, I think it’s easier to hold in a burp than it is to hold in a fart.


Would you rather have the hiccups for the rest of your life or always feel like you got the sneeze but not always?

That’s even worse.. Now, this is hard okay this is this is getting me. I mean how would you guys rather be reading my posts like ooh there you go to fuck you better be SR Watson or no hey guys welcome back it’s coming.


Would you rather only be able to listen to nickel back songs or reread all 56 pages of iTunes terms and conditions every day for the rest of your life?

Oh no!  that’s like two hours out of your day right there. I think I’d rather listen to nickel back songs and then I just never listen to music again.


Would you rather live like a king but no friends and family or be homeless with your friends and family?

Well, if I actually had really loving family
members and a lot of really loyal good
friends. I think I’d rather be homeless. I
really would but since I don’t have that
I’d rather like a king.